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CEI's highly engineered electrohydraulic products provide a wide variety of control capabilities and applications.

CEI proportional and servo valve products include directional control valves, differential pressure controls, hydrostatic pump controls, input controllers (joysticks), and electronic control cards.

CEI is virtually the only electrohydraulic valve manufacturer in the United States that supplies proportional and servo valve products with field interchangeable first stage pilots:  thus allowing the customer to significantly reduce down time in the field, and basically eliminate the need to return the product to the factory for service.

All of CEI's subplate models conform to current NFPA standards or other widely recognized industrial mounting configurations.  In addition CEI manufacturers two standalone valve models that do not require subplate mounting.

CEI products are 100% American made, and they are the lowest priced proportional and servo valve products available in America or Europe with the same features.

CEI offers flow capabilities to 80 GPM.
(other flows available upon request)

History of CEI
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Former employees of SLI Industries established CEI in 1982.  SLI was sold in the early 1980ís to Commercial Intertech Inc.  The founders of CEI were instrumental in the designing and manufacturing of the SLI Proportional valve line.  CEI became the master distributor and the only authorized repair and service center in North America for the SLI proportional valve line then manufactured by Commercial Intertech Inc.

In 1989 CEI purchased the proportional valve produce line from Commercial Intertech.  CEI invested significant engineering and manufacturing resources to redesign and improve the performance of the product.  Manufacturing of the improved product, at its Simi Valley, California facility, began in late 1989.  In 1990 CEI introduced its new low cost 90 series servo valve products to the market place.

By 1994 CEI  had outgrown its Simi Valley facility and was relocated to a new modern manufacturing facility located in Oakhurst, California near Fresno.

Sargent Controls & Aerospace, a division of Dover Diversified Inc., purchased CEI in August of 1999.  Sargent Controls has expanded CEIís engineering capabilities dramatically.  CEI has already announced several new products that will be available to the marketplace in 2000 and 2001.


About CEI Products
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Control Enterprises, Inc. (CEI) Manufactures a complete line of electrohydraulic valves and actuators for remote and automated controls.

These products consist of proportional valves, servo valves, rotary and linear hydrostatic controls, differential pressure controls, input controllers (joysticks), and mounting kits.

CEI products may be used on virtually any application where precise remote electric control of hydraulic systems is required.

CEI controls are extremely low in power consumption;  typically plus or minus 4VDC @ 80 Ma.  They are compatible with a wide variety of control methods, from simple potentiometers and joysticks to sophisticated closed loop electronic cards and microprocessors.

General applications are extremely broad, A sampling would include the following industries:

Simulators Setworks, Edgers, Lathes
Web Guide Control Aircraft Simulators, Auto Entertainment
Valve Operators Paper, Film Drives, Table Control
Robotics Plug, Ball, Gate Butterfly
Mobile Vehicles Spray Paint, Welding
Material Handling Blow Molding Machines
Turbine Control Drives, Positioning
Test Stands Die-Casting Machines
EDM Machines Position and Velocity Control
Machine Tools High Precision Positioning
Variable Pitch Propellers Feed and Position Control
Seismic Vibrators Large Vessels, Bow Thrusters, Steering
Paper Machines Gauge Control, Ladle Tilt
Mixers Drive and Tension Control
Flying Shears Programmable Pressure Control
Presses Plastic Injection Molding Machines
Static and Fatigue Testing Bending, Forming
Factory Automation Lumber Machinery
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